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Born and raised in Hawaii, Edna brings the spirit of Aloha to all of her classes. Her background in dance, martial arts and anatomy inspires creative, energetic flows that are anatomically sound. Through her 30 years of teaching and learning, she offers a safe space to explore and grow your yoga practice.


Reared by her Buddhist mother, meditation and mindfulness was normal growing up. Learning to become comfortable being embodied was an entirely different discipline. An internationally certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor since 1992, Edna’s quest led her to Yoga asana in 2002 upon moving to the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Completing her first 200 hour teacher training in 2003 with Mark Stephens fueled her thirst for a more creative outlet. That’s when she found Frog Lotus Yoga broadening her path to teach internationally.


Frog Lotus Yoga blends the dynamic movements of Kundalini with the strength of Ashtanga then grounds it with Iyengar alignment. This passion for the eclectic style of teaching led Edna to pursue in depth studies in Bali, India and Thailand. Back and knee surgery in 2007 opened the window to deeper exploration of precision and grace. Fusing together tools from Yoga Tune Up and Thai Yoga Massage with the effortless movement of Chi or Prana in Martial Arts has allowed Edna to physically heal her back and emotionally grow.


Weaving together all of her life experiences inspire Edna to teach classes that are full of laughter and joy. She blends classic yoga poses with unconventional joint freeing movements in order to peel away the layers of tight muscles and preconceived notions. Understanding our own human nature is where true liberation exists. Her philosophy floats across the class, "Living up to our highest potential is daunting; learning to surrender, accept, and find inner strength to reach another level is possible... when we allow it".






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